Nothing is Cooler than Running in Rainy July

Running in Rainy July

What’s up, July?? The half of the year is finally over. How time flies so fast!

I woke up in a gloomy Saturday morning.  A breezy wind can be heard from inside my room. It’s been raining for almost a week now.

…Just when I needed to train for my next race

With only 2 weeks left before the much awaited 39th Milo National Marathon, it is still unclear to me whether 21k 0r 42K will be most fit for me.

Yup, as of this writing, I’m still deciding on which course to take.

If God permits, this will … [Click HERE to continue reading...]

Exceed Yourself: My 2015 Run United Trilogy Second Leg (32K) Experience

2015 Run United 2

It was exactly 1am when I woke up to the loud alarm I set in my mobile phone. It was wee hour of Sunday morning. I thought 3 hours of sleep was already enough.

I had no choice. That was the most I can get that day.

I did my usual pre-race routine and came out of our place only to be greeted by a windy weather. The sky was covered by a blanket of clouds. It looked like rain was about to fall anytime soon.

Almost but not quite. I thought I was not yet ready traversing a 32-kilometer … [Click HERE to continue reading...]