When Motivation to Run Isn’t Enough: 3 Tips to Get Back on Track

Thinking about starting to run? Again?To run or not to run

Summer is just around the corner.

You realized, the first quarter of the year is over.

That got you pumped up! Your wondering mind is now preoccupied with thoughts of beating the summer heat.

Those beaches…

The white sand gently caressing your tired feet…

The feel of the warm water calming you…

And you visualized taking a selfie with that breathtaking scenery… And your body!

Everything is perfect! Not until you saw yourself in the mirror. And it dawned on you the sad reality…

Those flabby arms are crying for your attention. Oh, and not to mention that sagging belly. Yay!

Suddenly, it reminded you of one of the resolutions you made 4 months ago.

You can’t help but sigh. “How time flies so fast”. Click To Tweet

Oops, blaming yourself for the lost time will not do any better.

It ain’t over until it’s over!

Everyday is a new day to start over. Click To Tweet

But hey, unless you do some actions, that will remain to be just a dream… Or, should I say a mystery?

Maybe it’s about time to wear those rubber shoes again. It’s about time you dust them off!

Whatever your reasons were for not achieving your goals, I believe this is the best time to get back in form.

It’s about time you burn some fats.

Want to get back on track? I thought I’d like to share with you some tips.

1. Dare to do the unusual.

Running has never been in my vocabulary before. Well, at least during my high school and elementary days.

That was when basketball and martial arts were the only sports I used to play.

Circa 2010 when I started to run. It was rooted from that desire to live a healthy lifestyle.

It was so unusual that having to start was the hardest thing to do. 

Had it not been for that motivation to have my blood pressure normalized, it would have been much of a struggle for me.

Thank God for all the discomforts.

Yes, I had to do it. I had to live a healthy lifestyle.

Running was the cheapest option I’ve got back then. Hmmn, just a bit unusual.

But guess what? I have learned to love it more than any other sports now.

Is running an unusual thing for you to do? Dare do the unusual. 😉

2. Do it for someone else.

Although I have run for quite a while now, it was only in December 2014 when I made it official.

I started to join running events.

Knowing that I was investing my time and money for a good cause, in a way, gave an added motivation for me to persevere.

I love the feeling that I get to run not just for myself but most especially for other’s sake.

Sure, for the love of running, I can just run anywhere, anytime. But doing it to support other people gives an added fire in me everytime.

Most running events are being organized to help support organizations.

Had it not been for that reason, I wouldn’t have gotten back on track.

Do you find it hard to start to run?

Sometimes, it’s easy to quit when we just do it for ourselves. You might want to think of a reason greater than yourself. Do it for someone else.

3. Just Start.

I had all the reasons not to run back then. Aside from the fact that I’m not used to doing it, I also find it hard to move my body.

Remember my used to be protruding belly? Boy, was it embarrassing!

I thought it was about time to get out of my comfort zone. Click To Tweet

Making those feet working again was one of the hardest things to do.

But I had to start. And the more I do it, the more I got energized.

You might be wondering where to start?

I feel you. The first step is always the hardest. But it’s in this stage that you get to treasure things. You get to appreciate the little stuff.

Just start.

Forget about the past. Forget about those missed goals. Click To Tweet Treat every day as a new beginning. Click To Tweet

Remember, if one day you wake up with all the discomforts, that means it’s all paying off.

But just in case any of these don’t work, just don’t hesitate to try again. Or, might as well try other sports. There are a lot out there. Just be persistent.

Our greatest strength lies in not giving up! Click To Tweet

You’re on your way to living a healthy lifestyle.

Oh, and just don’t be in a hurry. It’s not a sprint you’re putting yourself into, it’s a marathon.

Make this your mantra…

Run freely. Breathe in wellness. Finish strong! Click To Tweet

See you at the finish line,

March Nacino
Founder, TheRadicalRunner.com


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