Exceed Yourself: My 2015 Run United Trilogy Second Leg (32K) Experience

2015 Run United 2

It was exactly 1am when I woke up to the loud alarm I set in my mobile phone. It was wee hour of Sunday morning. I thought 3 hours of sleep was already enough.

I had no choice. That was the most I can get that day.

I did my usual pre-race routine and came out of our place only to be greeted by a windy weather. The sky was covered by a blanket of clouds. It looked like rain was about to fall anytime soon.

Almost but not quite. I thought I was not yet ready traversing a 32-kilometer … [Click HERE to continue reading...]

Learn from the Master: An Interview with The Oldest Active Ultramarathoner

Victor Ting

“Wala kayo sa lolo ko!”

Does this expression ring a bell with you?

At the age of 69, Victor Ting, is considered the oldest active ultramarathoner in the Philippines.

Oops, you must be used with the word marathon which is 42kilometers. And I bet you already have an idea on how hard it is to finish one, right?

But just to give you an idea on what ultramarathon is, it is a footrace that extends beyond 42kilometers. Ultra races typically begin at 50 kilometers to 200 kilometers. That means being on your feet, for up to 24 hours or … [Click HERE to continue reading...]

Important Lesson that Earth Day Run 2015 Taught Me

Yay! The feeling was strange.  I didn’t know it was that hard. Oh well, I had to finish it anyway!

After all, I committed to become part of this historic Earth Day Run 2015.


It was in March 15 of this year when I last joined a running event, my 2nd marathon, so to speak. It’s always a joy to be able to do your passion and breaking your personal record at the same time.

I thought I prepared well enough. I had all the trainings needed.

Nat Geo Run 2015 was a different story.

Two of my … [Click HERE to continue reading...]

When Motivation to Run Isn’t Enough: 3 Tips to Get Back on Track

Thinking about starting to run? Again?To run or not to run

Summer is just around the corner.

You realized, the first quarter of the year is over.

That got you pumped up! Your wondering mind is now preoccupied with thoughts of beating the summer heat.

Those beaches…

The white sand gently caressing your tired feet…

The feel of the warm water calming you…

And you visualized taking a selfie with that breathtaking scenery… And your body!

Everything is perfect! Not until you saw yourself in the mirror. And it dawned on you the sad reality…

Those flabby arms are crying for your attention. Oh, and … [Click HERE to continue reading...]

Conquering Skyway the Second Time Around: My 7-Eleven Run1500 Marathon Experience

7-eleven Run 1500

February 1, 2015 will always have  a special place in my heart.

Just in time for the start of the love month, one of the sweetest things in my life happened. That, I will forever treasure!

Oops, it’s not what you think. I’m not talking about love life here. Hmmn, it’s more important than that.

Well, at least for now.

I’m talking about my love for running. My passion.

It was then when I finally got introduced to the Skyway.

Journeying 6 hours and 19 minutes of my life in that long and historic road was one of the best … [Click HERE to continue reading...]