Exceed Yourself: My 2015 Run United Trilogy First Leg Experience

“In running, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say ‘I have finished.’ There is a lot of satisfaction in that.”
-Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon Co-Founder

2015 Run United 1

You’re not a certified Pinoy runner if you’ve never heard of  the Run United Trilogy being organized by RunRio. It has to be one of the much-awaited runs in the country, so to speak.

Not only does Run United promise the most enjoyable race possible, but it also caters to 3-run series that most runners are looking forward to complete.

By the look of it, I thought it was a well-organized run. I’m just glad to have gotten a slot for myself online. Slots have been sold out in just less than a week when it was promoted.

Talk About Doing Things for the First Time

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

It was on December 2014 when I had my first official run, a 16K(Brown Race).

It was followed by my first marathon experience in an annual running event that is definitely considered as one of the much awaited runs of the year, the 2015 Condura Skyway Marathon: Run for a Hero.

I ran another 16K a week after that in A Run for Hope, Love and Joy: Miles for Jeremiah for the benefit of Jeremiah 33:6-7 foundation.

I just love the feeling of doing things for the first time. It never fails to give me that awesome experience each time.

Thus, I consider my every runs my first time.

And so my first ever 21K experience…

From 16K to 42K to another 16K, and now a 21K.

Now you see the pattern, right? LOL!

Nothing beats that first time experience especially in what has been one of the most enjoyable runs so far, the 2015 Run United 1.

Let me share it with you.

We were broken down into 3 waves. I was in wave 3. Wearing my determination hat, I was all smiles as soon as I got my feet working after the gun start.

Since it was my first time running a 21K, I nevet set a PR( personal record) in my mind. All I was thinking was to enjoy the run.

It was a good thing that pacers were there to at least guide us should we want to set a PR for ourselves.

As soon as the 2015 Run United 1 Pacers were introduced, I thought of going The Bull Runner’s pace which was set at 2: 11.

Photo credit: http://www.unilabactivehealth.com/
Photo credit: http://www.unilabactivehealth.com/

Being positioned in the last wave which has a 15 minute difference from the gun start, I thought it would be kind of a hassle for me to catch up for my pacer. I decided to have my own pace instead.

And off I go!

“Know your limits… but never stop trying to exceed them.”

My feet let me passed by the 5-kilometer mark at around 29 minutes.

As soon as we hit the 10K mark, I checked my timer and was just glad to make it at around 58 minutes. “Good job”, I told myself for at least making it sub1( Sub 1 means you’re running the distance in less than an hour).

I tell you, you need those kinds of motivation when running. 😉

Everything was well and good until I journeyed 20 kilometer mark at 1 hour and 58 minutes. The finish line was just on the other side of the road. That got me pumped up!

With my heart pounding for excitement, I gently whispered, “I can make it at Sub2!”-or so I thought.

That moment when you had the longest 1 kilometer of your run.

I kept on checking at my time after making it at 20 kilometers. What I thought was just a smooth 1  kilometer took me almost 7 minutes to finish. Lol! 😀

Oh well, it was still a smooth finish overall.

I clocked in at 2 hours 5 minutes and 45 seconds.

2015 Run United 1 Medal

I may not have made it at sub 2, but still I was grateful to have finished it strong. I really had no PR in mind coming to the race.

It was a smooth 21K indeed.

As always, all glory be unto Him for granting me the needed energy in making it until the end.

Well, it’s safe to say that I exceeded myself yet again.

That concludes the first leg of what has been one of the much awaited runs so far.

As of this writing, I have already secured a slot for the 2nd leg(32K).

I’m sure it would be another enjoyable run to look forward to. I’m just as excited as you are for leg 2!

Meanwhile, take a look at some of the pictures taken after the race with my gym buddies turned running mates. 😉

Run United1 Run United3 Run United4 Run United5

‘Till our next run.

Run freely. Breathe in wellness. Finish strong!

See you at the finish line!

March Nacino

Founder, theradicalrunner.com


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