Important Lesson that Earth Day Run 2015 Taught Me

Yay! The feeling was strange.  I didn’t know it was that hard. Oh well, I had to finish it anyway!

After all, I committed to become part of this historic Earth Day Run 2015.


It was in March 15 of this year when I last joined a running event, my 2nd marathon, so to speak. It’s always a joy to be able to do your passion and breaking your personal record at the same time.

I thought I prepared well enough. I had all the trainings needed.

Nat Geo Run 2015 was a different story.

Two of my molar teeth had to be extracted at least 3 weeks before the run. I had to do it to avoid any discomforts in the long run.

This translated to more rest and not me having the necessary runs. Oops, I’m not trying to justify anything here. Haha! 😀

Glad to be back on track.

It was a relief for me when 2 of my teeth got extracted. Finally!  4 weeks of inactivity is over.

I also got a go signal from my dentist that I can already resume running. That was 1 week before the scheduled run.  Sure, 1 week of preparation is not enough. But I was just glad to finally be back on track!

I thought I needed to do at least one long run. However, I realized that it may cause fatigue come the real race.  I eventually settled for 2 light runs averaging about 3 kms.

Although I lacked training, I thought that maybe, just maybe, I could still break my 21K personal best of 2 hours and 5 minutes—-or so I thought.

Just give it your best shot.

And there it was, the Earth Day Run 2015, powered by National Geographic Channel (NGC). Finally, the deciding moment has arrived.

The environment was surrounded with great positivity as more than 7000 runners  just in the 21K category wore their best smiles. That was a huge crowd. Oh and not to mention the more than 20,000 overall runners in the different categories (5K, 10K, 21k and 42K).

Everything seemed to be just fine as I traversed the first 2 kilometers. Not until side stitches (stabbing pain under the lower edge of the ribcage) took the better of me upon reaching the 3K mark. I knew it! My lack  of training was slowly taking its toll on me.

That feeling when you just want to give your best. Yet each time you take major effort to run, the pain just keeps on coming.

I took a slow pace instead which helped a lot.

Made it at 6K at around 35 minutes passed by the 10K in almost an hour.

Let go and let Him work.

It was on the 12K mark when I felt my energy was getting lower and lower.

I tried to put much effort just so I can at least keep up my personal record of 2 hours and 5 minutes. But it looked like things just slipped through my fingers. Forcing myself to do more than my body can handle, might just cause more harm than good.

Did I already mention about my intention to break my personal best? Forget about it for now.

Fun run is supposed to be fun anyway.

I did some runs alternate with some walks.

If there’s one thing I learned about this run, that will have to be, learning when to let go and surrender.

In the long run, it doesn't matter how fast you go. What matters is that you go the distance you told yourself you could reach. Click To Tweet

I clocked in at 2 hours, 29 minutes and 35 seconds. That was way too far from my 21K personal best which is 2 hours and 5 minutes.

Oh well, nevermind not having to meet and break my personal record. I’m just glad to have another safe and glorious finish.

As always, all the glory goes to Him for always guiding me and making sure that everything goes right.

It's one of those moments you feel not just by staying healthy, but by helping others at the same time.
It’s one of those moments you feel good not just by staying healthy, but also knowing that you’re able to help others at the same time.

To everyone who took part in this memorable Earth Day Run 2015, it’s been an honor running with you.

‘Till our next run.

See you at the finish line,

March Nacino


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