The Road to my First Ever Full Marathon

The road to my first full marathon

Just for the record, my first ever run, which was a 16K, was my very first achievement when it comes to running.

It felt so right to finally get back on track.

For a while, I forgot about this passion. I’m glad that it got resurrected when I joined my very first run.

I started getting comfortable telling my friends about it. We started talking about our experiences.

That’s when I learned a lot about marathons.

You see, being a newbie, I never knew that different marathons are being organised every year.

That got me excited! I was really … [Click HERE to continue reading...]

How I Made Running as One of My Passions

Running is my passion

I’ve been going to the gym for 2 years now.

Lifting those weights felt so good especially that I got to see my muscles growing. I’m starting to achieve the shape that I’ve always wanted.

Until one day, it brought me to a realization that I haven’t been doing much of the cardio workout.

Don’t get me wrong.

While weight training is a good form of  exercise to stay healthy and in a good shape, it’s also important that cardio workouts are being done.

I usually allot cardio workout an hour after doing my usual gym routine. It seemed though, … [Click HERE to continue reading...]

The First Step is Always the Hardest

The first step is the hardest

It was a Friday night, I was in the gym, doing my treadmill, but all of a sudden, my past flashed before my very eyes.

Chubby, big belly, puffing one cigarette after another, after another, after another. No I was not hallucinating. I was seeing one of the gym-goers, big belly, puffing cigarettes non-stop, standing outside the gym, only the glass pane separated us.

I won’t say what gym I go to, for security purposes. 😛

No offense to all the smokers.

That was my last day of training in preparation for the big event. I had to train for … [Click HERE to continue reading...]