Saved By Grace

Saved by grace

WARNING: Read this blog post at your own risk. This post contains EMOTIONAL contents.

Rarely do I put a disclaimer in my blog posts. But when I do, I make sure to give you something valuable in the end.

If this caused quite a stir, then read on…

You see, I love posting updates in my Facebook account and of course in this blog. When I say updates, that which I consider something valuable. Things worth documenting. I’m talking about my fitness journey.

I mentioned in my previous blog post “My Sweet Transition” about my latest open water triathlon.

I … [Click HERE to continue reading...]

Learn from the Master: An Interview with The Oldest Active Ultramarathoner

Victor Ting

“Wala kayo sa lolo ko!”

Does this expression ring a bell with you?

At the age of 69, Victor Ting, is considered the oldest active ultramarathoner in the Philippines.

Oops, you must be used with the word marathon which is 42kilometers. And I bet you already have an idea on how hard it is to finish one, right?

But just to give you an idea on what ultramarathon is, it is a footrace that extends beyond 42kilometers. Ultra races typically begin at 50 kilometers to 200 kilometers. That means being on your feet, for up to 24 hours or … [Click HERE to continue reading...]

Keep Moving for You to Keep Your Balance: An Interview with The Filipino Blade Runner

Ernest "The Filipino Blade Runner" Carual

It was a fine Wednesday evening when Ernest and I, together with his ever supportive wife Che, met up in a coffee shop in Robinson’s Pioneer in Boni, Mandaluyong City.

Accenture, the institution where he’s been happily devoting his life working for eight years now, is also situated in the area.

We had a few chitchats prior to the real interview. He joyfully shared about his hobbies. From being a band member( plays bass guitar) who can play all instruments, to being a car enthusiast(Honda club Phils member).

What I thought was just a casual running dialogue turned out … [Click HERE to continue reading...]

How a Once Fat Guy Fought His Way to Becoming Fit and Fab: An Interview with John Michael Sagcal

“What defines us is how well we rise after falling.”

I always love reading/hearing stories of people rising from adversities. It doesn’t just remind me of my past struggles and my personal story, but it also fuels that desire in me to live my life well.

'fit' John Michael Sagcal

John Michael Sagcal’s story is no exception. His story was once featured in

He used to have a battle against himself and his unhealthy habits.

Weighing about 270 pounds 2 years ago (at such a young age of 22), he has never paid much attention to himself. He remembered having to … [Click HERE to continue reading...]

You Are Never Too Old to Set a New Record: An Interview with the 67-Year Old Marathoner, Rosalinda Ogsimer

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ~ C. S. Lewis

Finishing a marathon is one of the greatest goals every passionate runners are looking forward to conquer in their running journey.

While it takes a lot of training to make it to the finish line, some people are really going out of their way in order to be called a certified marathoner.

That’s the beauty of this sport.

For as long as you have that sheer determination, crossing that finish line won’t be a problem.

I first saw this picture as … [Click HERE to continue reading...]