Conquering Skyway the Second Time Around: My 7-Eleven Run1500 Marathon Experience

7-eleven Run 1500

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February 1, 2015 will always have  a special place in my heart.

Just in time for the start of the love month, one of the sweetest things in my life happened. That, I will forever treasure!

Oops, it’s not what you think. I’m not talking about love life here. Hmmn, it’s more important than that.

Well, at least for now.

I’m talking about my love for running. My passion.

It was then when I finally got introduced to the Skyway.

Journeying 6 hours and 19 minutes of my life in that long and historic road was one of the best feelings ever. That was my first marathon experience!

Crazy? Probably. But, I say in a good way.

Reunited and It Felt Sooooo Good!


‘Nuff said.

After just more than a month of glorious encounter, there I was again.

March 15, 2015 marked another chapter of my running career. I got reunited with the king of the road, the Skyway.

It was the 7-eleven Run 1500 in Filinvest Alabang.

It felt so good to be back.

I was hungrier. I was bolder.

With the thought of enjoying my 2nd marathon(42K) at the same time, I was all set to giving it another shot to be able to improve my personal best.

It was Game Time for The Radical Runner!

I meant business.

The gun time started at exactly 12 midnight. I started with an easy pace.

I clocked in at 55 minutes passed the 10-kilometer mark.

Upon reaching the 20K mark, I checked my time. I was surprised for not making it at sub2( means making it in less than 2 hours).

I thought I was 5 minutes slower than my previous run just a week ago in 2015 Run United 1.

Somehow, I also got intimidated that most of the runners in our wave (A) were already out of reach. I was way behind!

I had to compose myself though. Making it at sub 5 was my main priority.

Feeling already exhausted and weary, I was a bit worried when at 3:35 AM, I still needed to complete 10 kilometers more.

Sure, more than an hour is just enough time to complete a 10K! But doing it with the last 10K of your marathon(42K) journey was a different thing.

It was during that time when the soles of my feet, thighs and calves were already crying for pain.

But I knew I could make it! Entertaining the discomforts were the last things on my mind. Besides, they were tolerable.

I’ve Got My Game Face On!

7-Eleven Run1500

“Para ano pa at matatapos din!” (This too shall pass!)

I know I took it literally. LOL! But hey, who cares? It served the purpose anyway.

Yeah, this is my favorite part of every run. Motivating myself through words. It sure did work!

It didn’t take long until it came down to the last 5 kilometers.

I did run and alternate walk that didn’t exceed 5 seconds each.

Did I already mention that the pain was still all over my feet? The only difference was that my hunger to beating my personal best was greater–to say the least.

Mind over matter as they say!

Step by step, I got closer and closer.

That Moment When Somebody Cheers You UP

Yay! I was down to the last 2 kilometers when a co-runner running 21K pumped me up!

With so much positivity in her face, she uttered, “You got 20 minutes more. I bet you can make it at sub 5. You go get it!”

That’s what I love about this sport. People are always there to lift you up.

That was a much needed motivation right there! (To whoever you are, accept my sincerest gratitude. :))

After saying “thank you!”, I bade goodbye and with all the remaining energy running all over my body, I gave it all.

Brave Runners Build Each Other Up

I ran my best down to the last 300 meters.

At the time, I was just an elbow away from a co-42K runner who was also fighting his way to making it until the end.

7-Eleven Run1500

I thought it was time for me to motivate others. Or should I say “challenge”?

“Hey, let’s make it at 4:50. We got 2 minutes left! ”, I blurted out as I gave him a friendly tap.

After accepting my challenge, with all our might, we ran our way towards the finish line!

And yes, we made it at 4:50 AM!

Nothing is Sweeter than Achieving Your Goal!

I remember finishing my first marathon with the morning sun already kissing my cheeks.

This time, with the night sky still showing its light, I managed to make it to the finish line!

From my first 2015 Condura Skyway Marathon time of 6 hours and 19 minutes to yet another achieved personal best!

I made it at Sub5 officially clocking in at 4 hours 50 minutes and 45 seconds ranked 122 out of 549 runners! 🙂

7-eleven Run1500

Thank God for the safe run and for the grace to make it until the end. The glory is all Yours.

The only person I can try to be better than, is the person I was yesterday. Click To Tweet

It felt so good to be reunited with you, Skyway. Thanks for being good to me. 😀

The best feeling in the world is knowing that you are giving your best each time.

Truly, I can say, I conquered the Skyway… The second time around!

‘Till our next run.

See you at the finish line,

March Nacino


P.S. By the way, my sister Sha Nacino did 5K that same day. She said, she was really inspired that she finished it. It’s an honor to be of influence to others. At least to my sister. 😛


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